Ep 1.2: A New World of Gods and Monsters – Part 2 “Fans React”

We bid you welcome to Universal Monsters Cast, where your horror hosts – Gillman Joel, Dr. Shock and Wolfman Josh – will regularly brave discussions of many a monstrous thing, with a special focus on the Universal Monsters, both the classic films and the emerging, shared cinematic universe.

Season 1. Episode 2. This is a continuation of our introduction to the show and the 2nd part in a 3-part series that we’re calling “A New World of Gods and Monsters,” wherein we discuss everything we know about the new Monsters Universe. Part 1 featured a discussion amongst the hosts telling you what we know so far. Part 2 features a discussion with some of our listeners, telling us what the fans really want. And Part 3 will feature a discussion with some industry insiders, giving us some insight into what we can actually expect the studio to give us.

And now it is time to listen to the children of the night. What music they make!
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