WRITTEN REVIEW: Man Made Monster (1941)

EDITOR’S NOTE This podcast is dedicated to Universal Monsters, but there are many more excellent (and some awful) vintage Universal Horror films out there that don’t feature any of these classic monsters and so won’t be featured on our show. They are absolutely still worth covering, so we’ve invited some guest writers to share their thoughts on these non-monster Universal Horror films. Now, enjoy this film review from Sal Roma.

Title: Man Made Monster . Studio: Universal Pictures . Writers: George Waggner and Harry Essex . Director: George Waggner . Released: March 28, 1941 . Country: United States . Rating: 7/10

After a bus accident results in the electrocution of all the bus passengers but one, the lone survivor, Dan McCormick (Lon Chaney Jr of The Wolf Man), is hired by Dr. Lawrence (Frank Albertson, the wealthy “Tom Cassidy” in Psycho) to take part in some experiments. Joined by Lawrence’s partner, Dr. Rigas (Lionel Atwill, a regular in many of the Frankenstein sequels), the duo tries to learn more about McCormick’s apparent immunity to electricity. Little does Dr. Lawrence realize that Dr. Rigas has his own sinister side experiments planned to use McCormick’s immunity to turn McCormick into a “Man Made Monster,” compelled to follow all of Rigas’ orders.
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