Ep 1.7: Prospects for the Dark Universe and Revisiting The Mummy (2017) – LIVE!

We bid you welcome to a New World of God’s and Monsters! This is Universal Monsters Cast, where your horror hosts – Gillman Joel, Dr. Shock and Wolfman Josh – regularly brave discussions of the monstrous side of cinema, with a special focus on the Universal Monsters, both the classic films and the emerging Dark Universe.

Season 1. Episode 7. In this episode, we enter The Bride’s lair to discuss the latest Dark Universe news and re-visit The Mummy (2017) on the occasion of the BluRay release. This was the first time that all of us met face-to-face and it was our first LIVE! recording, as well.

With Bill Condon’s The Bride of Frankenstein on hold and the exit of Kurtzman and Morgan, some are ready to call the Dark Universe dead, but if there is one thing we’ve learned from The Mummy’s many incarnations over the years, it is that Death is Only the Beginning!
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