WRITTEN REVIEW: Horror Island (1941)

EDITOR’S NOTE This podcast is dedicated to Universal Monsters. This season is focused mummies and we have several seasons coming up, each devoted to one of the iconic Universal Monsters. Dracula, Frankenstein, The Invisible Man … you get the idea. But, as most fans know, there are many more excellent (and some awful), vintage Universal Horror films out there that don’t feature any of these classic monsters and so won’t be featured on our show. They are absolutely still worth covering, so we’ve invited some guest writers to share their thoughts on these non-monster Universal Horror films and they’ll be occasionally posted here on the site, in the regular feed. Posts will range from film or Blu-Ray reviews, to historical insights and think pieces. Enjoy the first of those posts, a review of Horror Island (1941), by longtime Horror Movie Podcast listener and friend of Universal Monsters Cast, Sal Roma.

Title: Horror Island . Studio: Universal Pictures . Writers: Maurice Tombragel and Victor McLeod . Based on the story “Terror of the South Seas” by Alex Gottlieb . Director: George Waggner . Released: March 28, 1941 . Country: United States . Rating: 6.5/10

With yet another business venture deemed a failure, struggling businessman, Bill Martin (Dick Foran, star of The Mummy’s Hand), decides to turn his one asset, a mysterious island inherited from an uncle, into a potential business by promising paying customers a hauntingly fun ghost experience. Joined by his buddy, Stuff Oliver and Tobias Clump, sailor who believes there’s buried treasure on the island (Leo Carrillo, star of 1944’s The Phantom of the Opera), Bill and his customers quickly realize that there’s a mysterious Phantom that is set on doing anything it takes to get his hands on the believed gold on the island, even if it means by killing all that arrive at horror island.

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